Welcome mysterious Monsieur- Quite a dapper gent!

French Mannequin– String welcomes a life size, mysterious Monsieur, and a very well dressed on at that! This vintage, life size shop display mannequin features a beautifully hand crafted wax head complete with human hair and eye brow implants!

Well built Man -His torso is covered with fabric and he has a mysterious chest hatch which reveals…. emptiness!… nothing! He is in need of a heart! It’s original purpose or intent a mystery. His arms, and legs, I think are wooden, with screw in hands made from some early cast composite material. They are slender, well formed and expressive.

Well dressed Monsieur- sporting a tuxedo with original, typically French, monogramed shirt complete with spiffy top hat, but relaxing minus his bow tie and studs. Must remember to give his black shoes some spit and polish!